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HUBDYNO-1005 2WD chassis dynamometer
.: Executive Summary :.

The HUBDYNO® by Rototest is a modern concept of a chassis dynamometer but originates from, and share basic design principles with, the first commercially available hub coupled dynamometer that was applied for a Swedish patent in the early eighties. The direct coupled dynamometer behaves and operates as an engine dynamometer although it has been designed and optimised for the speed and torque seen on the drive wheel hubs (instead of the flywheel).

The principal idea of Rototest's products has always been to provide the best available equipment to give the user the ability to conduct true measurements™. Not estimates or approximation, but measurements that you can rely on and make accurate decisions from. The use of ROTOTEST® dynamometers have over the years grown to be the Best Known Practice for Powertrain Measurements.

Our customers know that the HUBDYNO® by Rototest is a unique solution and not comparable with any other dynamometers available to the semi-industry. The Accuracy and Repeatability features help our customers save time and increase their quality. The patented, ingenious solution of handling and transforming the absorbed energy into cooling head wind for the vehicle and thus allows set-ups almost anywhere provides our customers with flexibility and low TCO (total cost of ownership).

A productive ROTOTEST® dynamometer will maintain and nuture your company's trademark and competitive edge for years to come. And your customers will just by seeing the equipment instantly know that you have their complete satisfaction in focus.