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ROTOTEST ENERGY electrical chassis dynamometer
ROTOTEST Energy™ Chassis Dynamometer

  • Dynamic & Regenerative (4Q Operation)
  • Full drive cycle capability with inertia simulation
  • Cutting edge test system for hybrid / electric car development (2WD/4WD)
  • Installs in less than a day
  • No infrastructural requirements

The ROTOTEST Energy™ electrical chassis dynamometer is in reality a supreme four- quadrant capable engine dynamometer fitted to each drive wheel hub. The ROTOTEST Energy™ electrical chassis dynamometer revolutionizes the way complete vehicle testing is performed by allowing more to be done in less time and with less resources. By utilizing a state-of-the-art 4Q control system and the ROTOTEST Active Inertia™ technology the vehicle’s inertia (mass) is simulated electrically for true road conditions.

Example of simulation capabilities are standard driving cycles such as ECE/EG, US06, FTP75, etc. Another great advantage of the ROTOTEST chassis dynamometer is its mobility. The complete system can be transported to a new test site with a minimum of set-up time, and thereby maximizing availability and cost-effectiveness. The ROTOTEST Energy™ range is based on the technology of the industry recognized ROTOTEST VPA-RX™ / VPA-R™ range of dynamometers.

ROTOTEST ENERGY electrical chassis dynamometer

Unlike a traditional chassis dynamometer (roller type) the ROTOTEST dynamometer (hub type) is also an advanced true measurement™ instrument. This is accomplished by a front-end mounted torque transducer, a high resolution speed sensor and direct-coupling to the vehicle’s hubs. The patented ROTOTEST dynamometer concept is comparable to a "rolling road", but is far superior in precision and test possibilities as there is no slip between hubs and dynamometer (normally experienced between wheels and rollers), low system inertia and thanks to the accurate measuring system that is independent of the absorption system.