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ROTOTEST VPA-RX chassis dynamometer 4WD set-up
ROTOTEST® VPA-RX™ Powertrain- and Chassis Dynamometer

  • Flexible & Productive (1Q Operation)
  • Complete vehicle testing with engine dynamometer accuracy
  • Considerably more cost- effective than traditional test systems
  • Installs in less than an hour
  • No infrastructural requirements
The ROTOTEST® VPA-RX™ chassis dynamometer revolutionizes the way complete vehicle testing is performed by transforming the traditional chassis dynamometer (using rollers) from a simple load absorber into a fully- fledged true measurement instrument. The patented ROTOTEST® dynamometer concept is comparable to a "rolling road", but is far superior in precision and test possibilities as there is no slip between hubs and dynamometer (normally experienced between wheels and rollers), negligible system inertia and thanks to the accurate measuring system that is independent of the absorption system. Thanks to its portability the complete test system can be easily transported to a new test site and set up in minutes.
ROTOTEST VPA-RX chassis dynamometer 2WD set-up
ROTOTEST® VPA-RX™ chassis dynamometer - the multipurpose driveline testsystem for quality assurance, research & development.

Today's automotive industry is subject to many regulations and requirements. Growing environmental demands and requirements for high performance, maximum energy efficiency, low noise and outstanding quality make extreme demands on test equipment. The ROTOTEST® VPA-RX™ chassis dynamometer gives you the resources to evaluate these factors accurately and efficiently.

The ROTOTEST® VPA-RX™ chassis dynamometer is in reality a supreme engine dynamometer fitted to each drive wheel, using a front-end mounted torque measuring load cell, a high resolution speed sensor and direct- coupling to the vehicle's hubs. As a much valued instrument for auto manufacturers' R&D departments around the world for more than a decade, the ROTOTEST® VPA-RX™ chassis dynamometer has now been made available not only to R&D departments but also to aftermarket performance specialists and professional racing teams.

The chassis dynamometer is today used by most of the major car manufacturers and other renowned companies and institutions (e.g. General Motors, Renault, Volkswagen, ...) in their development, quality assurance and research.